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Total Calls 2018 121
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Fund Drive Letter and Donation Information

Dear Community member/continued supporter,

We are proud to be in our 83rd year of service to our community.  We continue to stand ready to assist you and your family or business whether in time of emergency or with community orientated activities and we are on course to top over 100 calls for service this year.  This does not include meetings, training, or other activities.

As volunteers, many of our members also serve in other service organizations in the area, such as the Rotary, Little League, Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, the American Legion/VFW, School Board, church groups and the Tri-Lakes Business Alliance.  Please consider joining our organization and filling a role as a fire fighter, apparatus driver, fire police, or safety officer.  Each position plays an integral part of our organization.  If you are interested, please either stop by the fire house, or talk to one of our members about touring the station and obtaining information on how to become a member and the valuable training you would receive.

Our members train in outreach courses sponsored by the State of New York.  We also conduct training drills every other week when possible.  We are committed to a wide range of training so that whatever the emergency, we can respond and help.  We provide structural and wildfire fighting, auto extrication, flat ice rescue, off road rescue, emergency medical services to the basic EMT level along with most of the department being trained in the use of an Automated External Defibrillator.  We also provide CPR and AED training which is provided by our member instructor.

We also sponsor and provide a fire prevention program each year at the North Warren Central School and to local day care providers.  We sponsor blood drives at our station every other month and we provide a pre-prom program for the high school students showing them the dangers of drinking and driving.  Our members continue to stand by with our apparatus for the annual Town of Chester Summerfest fireworks and participate in local parades during the year.

Our organization does not receive any funding from either the Chestertown Fire District or the Town of Chester which make your past generous donations important to us.  If you are able to send a donation, know that we are a Non for Profit organization and your donation is tax deductible.  Your check will serve as your receipt.

As in the past, we thank you for your donation and look forward to assisting you in any manner.  We would like to remind you that our organization does not solicit by telephone.


The 2016 Fund Drive Committee


If you would like to make a donation to our Fire Company, please mail it to:

Chestertown Volunteer Fire Company
PO Box 382
Chestertown, N.Y. 12817